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Migrating a Oracle database

We have a 600 GB database in production. We want to migrate the database from Oracle 8i database to Oracle 9i. What method would you suggest? I'm looking for minimal downtime.
If you are looking for a quick and easy way to migration your Oracle 8i database to Oracle 9i, then look no further than the Database Upgrade Assistant. It can perform your migration quickly and easily with its GUI wizard. When you install Oracle 9i on that database server, it will detect the presence of your Oracle 8i database and ask you if you want it to be migrated to the latest version. If agree, the Upgrade Assistant will be launched for you after the software is installed. If you disagree, you can launch the Upgrade Assistant later on its own.

Basically, the Upgrade Assistant will shutdown your database, start it with the new software, and run an upgrade script. You can perform this task manually as well. The upgrade script takes the same amount of time (roughly) for a 60 GB database as a 600 GB database. The length of time for the upgrade script is not dependent on the size of the database.

I would highly recommend reading the Oracle 9i Migration Guide before migrating your database to a new version. It contains tons of details and information. Many migration headaches can disappear if you simply take time to read and understand this document before proceeding.

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