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Migrating Oracle 8i DB from AIX to Windows

I want to migrate Oracle 8i Database from IBM AIX to a Windows platform. I have the data dump.

I want to migrate Oracle 8i Database from IBM AIX to a Windows platform. I have got the data dump with me. Please guide me.

After installing the Oracle8i software on your Windows server, create a new database. This can be accomplished either through the DBCA (Database Configuration Assistant) or manually with scripts. For a step-by-step process on how to do this, review the Oracle8i Administrator's Guide Release 2

After creating this new database, create all the required application-related tablespaces that the source database currently contains. FTP the export file from your AIX server to the Windows server and uncompress it if it is in a compressed format. You can now perform an import on the Windows server, either via the command line or by first creating an import parameter file. I prefer to create a parameter file called imp.par. The contents would look similar to this:


Then invoke the import utility and call the parameter file as such:

imp parfile=imp.par

and provide a password when prompted. For more information about using import, review the Oracle8i Release 2 Utilities guide.

Review the import log to ensure that there were no errors, then run SQL on both the source and target databases to ensure that all objects were imported. Finally, note that a listener will need to be configured on the Windows server and your existing tnsnames.ora files will need to be modified to reflect where this new database resides.

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