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Methods for making a replicated table

I have a problem in which I have two databases running on a single machine.

Now my client wants me to replicate some selective data from a particular table in a particular database to the same table in the other database. The size of the table will be huge and it is one way only. Secondly, it is not just one time. When ever data is added to the first table, he may want at that moment or at some period gap the to update the other table in the other db.

What is the most efficient and optimized way to achive this? It would be nice if you could give me pros and cons on different methods.
Probably the most efficient method is to make the replicated table a Materialized View (MV) instead of a regular table. The source of the MV will be the source table in the other database. The Materialized View can be refreshed, or updated from the source automatically or manually. You can decide. Please look up MV's in the Oracle docs for exact implementation details. In your destination database, just make the MV the same name as the table and your applications will use this without knowing that it isn't a real table.

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