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Mapping multiple users to a single database user ID

I am involved in a database migration project for an application to move from Oracle 7.3.4 to Oracle 9i. The application runs on HP-UX and uses Oracle Forms 4.5 as the front end. Currently there are separate user IDs for individual users on the database. One of the requirements for the migration is to finally have just one ID on the database side, and multiple users will be mapped to a single database user ID.

What I want to know is:

  1. Is there a way to map Unix user IDs to a single database ID?
  2. Since forms are tightly coupled to the database, is there a way of reading Unix environment variables into Forms?

Many applications use a single Oracle user ID in the database for all connections to the database. Therefore, from the application side all users are connecting to an Oracle session using the same database username (schema). But, in order to achieve this, you have to create your own system_user table within the schema that will store the UNIX users' ID and password. You have to create your own log-on screen and handle security and encryption (there is built-in package to encrypt the data) yourself.

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