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Manual upgrade vs. export and import

An Oracle user asks if they should do a manual upgrade or use the export/import utility to their new database.

I am ready to upgrade. My database size is 200gb and it is an unsupported version of Oracle to upgrade to 10g( to 10g). It's O/S is on HP-UX, so could you tell me whether the best process for upgrade is to follow the manual upgrade process or by using the export & import to the new Oracle Database? If I follow the manual method then I have to apply the 8i to 8i Patches then to 10g . If I follow exp/imp then I need more down time. Which process should I follow?

Also, after applying the patchset of 8.1.7 on 8.1.6 database, we upgrade the database to 8.1.7 manually, we are saying that direct upgrade is possible from to 10g. I want to ask you whether there is no need of applying 10g patchset at os level on to upgrade 10g. Is it possible to upgrade the 10g database without applying 10g patchset at os level?

If you perform the manual upgrade process, then you will have to be at least at Oracle 8.1.7 before you can begin. So to go from to 10g, you will need two upgrades with this path. If you use export/import, then you will only need one upgrade. On average, each manual upgrade will take about 1 hour, but this time can vary. So without knowing more about your environment, the manual upgrade process will require about 2 hours of downtime. Using export/import for a 200GB database will probably take longer. So the big question to answer here is how much downtime can you take for the upgrade? If you had a larger downtime window, then you might use exp/imp for the upgrade. The exp/imp method also lets you perform some reorganization like moving objects to new tablespaces.

You do not need to apply any 10g patchsets before you do the upgrade. This is not a requirement.

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