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Making the move to RMAN

I keep hearing RMAN is the way to go, however, since I have been a DBA for such a long while, I am a little connected to my scripts. Is there a good source you can suggest to learn how to setup RMAN that provides straightforward steps?
I have a few good sources for you. First, you might want to visit my Web site (http://www.peasland.net). I have a white paper titled "RMAN notes." These notes are what I recorded when I was trying to learn RMAN for the first time. I would also suggest a book titled "Oracle9i RMAN backup & recovery" by Robert Freeman on Oracle Press. And as always, I do have to recommend reading the RMAN documentation. It can be boring and dry, but it does contain tons of information.

You are embarking on RMAN at a good time. After you've set it up and configured RMAN, backing up your databases is as easy as issuing "backup database." RMAN is a mature product now that only appears to be complicated. Once you've used it for a while, RMAN will the only backup and recovery tool you'll want to use for your Oracle databases.

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