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Making tablespaces locally managed on

I have upgraded the database to and would like to make all the tablespaces locally managed. How can we do this?

First, let me congratulate you for moving to Locally Managed Tablespaces (LMTs)!! I use nothing but LMTs, if at all possible. They make administration much easier.

Oracle 9i does include a supplied package to migrate a DMT to a LMT. The DBMS_SPACE_ADMIN.TABLESPACE_MIGRATE_TO_LOCAL function does exactly this operation. You can use it to migrate your tablespace to a LMT.

Personally, I shy away from this package though. It is much cleaner to create a new tablespace as a LMT and to move your segments into that new tablespace. You then simply drop the old DMT when it is empty. You can move objects with export/import. Or, it is much faster to move tables with the ALTER TABLE MOVE command and to move indexes with the ALTER INDEX REBUILD command. But tables with LONG or LONG RAW columns cannot be moved this way.

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