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Making a test server with IMPORT/EXPORT

Could you please explain step-by-step the way to make a test server by using export/import? The test server will be in Windows 2000 and using Oracle 8.1.7, which is the same as the main server. How do I run CATEXP.SQL?

On your main server, do a FULL export of your database. On your secondary server, do the following:

  1. Create a database which mimics the main one. You can use Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) if you want or hopefully you have the create scripts from your main database which you can simply execute on the secondary server.
  2. If you use DBCA, all the appropriate scripts (like CATEXP.sql) should be run automatically OR if you're using your own scripts, CATEXP.sql should run after the database is created and the CATALOG and CATPROC scripts are ran.
  3. Copy (ftp or whatever method you use) the export file from your main server to your secondary server.
  4. Execute import with the FULL option.
That's it.

See the Oracle Utilities document for more information on the Import and Export utilities.

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