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Making a database available on the Web

In our organization, we have an Oracle database server (production), and we would like to provide this database on the Web. What are the solutions available for the architecture in factor of better performace for the database on the Web, higher security and availability?

Today, you have many technologies for making your data available on the Web. You can use ASP, JSP, Java applets, Cold Fusion, Perl/CGI, and many, many more. Oracle does have their own Web server (Oracle Application Server) and they do have Oracle Portal, which can make development of your Web-based application a little easier. One of my favorite Web-based development tools is Dreamweaver UltraDev by Macromedia.

The factors influencing performance, security, and availability are not too different just because you are using a Web-based application. For performance, you will still need to tune your SQL statements, your database, and your server. For security, you will still need to make your data secure as possible with respect to using grants, roles, security through stored procedures and view, etc. Oracle does include a few features which can give you some benefit to your Web-based apps such as Secure Application Context and connection pooling.

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