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Log file to check WAN/LAN use and checking server hard disks

Though these questions are not directly related to database, they are important to databases.

1. I want to generate a log file to know which users(WAN & LAN) logged in and when. Also, I want to know what they did? Can you suggest a script?

2. I want to check my server hard disks. Is there anything that is the counterpart of Windows Scandisk?
The only command I know of to determine who is logged on is the "who -u" command. To determine who is logged on to the Oracle database, who can use the following sql: select s.sid, s.serial#, s.osuser, s.machine, s.schemaname, s.type, p.spid from v$session s, v$process p where

s.paddr = p.addr and
s.type != 'BACKGROUND' and
s.osuser is not null
order by s.sid, s.osuser, s.process;

To determine what they did, from the UNIX or database level, you will have to turn on auditing.

To check disks on unix you use the fdisk command. Check the man pages for the appropriate flags.

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