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Loading FoxPro tables to Oracle

We are in the process of a data migration from FoxPro to Oracle. Could you suggest any tools that could direcly load FoxPro tables to Oracle ?
Unfortunately, Oracle's Migration Workbench utility does not support FoxPro. Microsoft's SQL Server does have a wonderful tool called Data Transformation Services (DTS) that can move data from any OLE DB (or ODBC) datasource to another. I've used this tool to move data from Access to Oracle, from Oracle to a text file, and so on. If you have FoxPro ODBC drivers and your shop has SQL Server, then you can use this tool to quickly and easily move the data.

Otherwise, you may have to employ a more manual method. FoxPro should have the ability to dump the contents of a table to a comma-delimited file (or some other delimiter). Then, you can use Oracle's SQL*Loader utility to load this data into Oracle tables.

This was last published in October 2003

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