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Listener won't start after insalling Oracle 8i

We installed Oracle 8i on Windows NT. Today, when I tried to connect to Oracle through DBA Studio it gives me an error, "ORA-12541: TNS : no listener." When I tried to start the listener service, it gives me an error: "Tns 12560 : protocol adaptor error." Please give me a solution.
You've got a listener configuration problem. I'd try removing your listener.ora and sqlnet.ora files and see if you can start the listener then. In all versions of Oracle starting with 8i, the listener will assume a default configuration if no listener.ora is present. I'd remove both these files and see if the listener will start. If it still won't start, then your installation is probably botched, and I'd reinstall. If it starts fine without the files present, then the files are the problem, and you'll need to figure out which one has the misconfiguration and where. You can post them here and I'll take a look if you'd like.

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