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Linking a Web page submit button to the database

I have installed Oracle 9i on a Sun Solaris 8 platform. What I would like to do is create a Web site that allows people to submit information via the Web and store the info in the database, and also be able to create reports on certian criteria. My question to you is once I create my database, how do I link my submit button to the database? Do I need any other applications?

When you create your HTML page, you will need to create an HTML form within that page. The FORM tag includes the ACTION parameter. This parameter tells the Web server what to do next when someone presses the SUBMIT button. There are a variety of platforms available to handle the submitting of the form contents to a page to handle those contents. These platforms include (but are not limited to) Active Server Pages (ASPs), Java Server Pages (JSPs), Perl CGI scripts, and ColdFusion pages. Your Web server needs to have the appropriate software to handle your specific platform. Within each of these platforms is the ability to connect to your database, issue queries, and do things like insert data into the database. I would go into more detail, but the details are tied directly to your application server's technology.

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