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Licensing Dev and QA environments with Oracle SE in production

Do you need extra licenses for Dev and QA environments when you have Oracle Standard Edition (SE) in production? Learn about licensing Dev and QA environments in this tip from Oracle licensing expert Scott Rosenberg.

You recently answered a question regarding E-Business Suite (EBS).  As a similar question, if we have deployed...

Oracle Standard Edition (SE) and SE-1 in production (combination of processor and named user licensing based on end user set for each instance), do we also need to license DEV and/or QA environments that are used entirely for developing / testing new code (DEV) or testing of data processed on Production licensed boxes against our applications, prior to pushing that data up to the product layer (QA)?

It seems to me that these environments are entirely for the purpose of developing and utilizing our production licensed environments while minimizing risk.  If we developed and QA'd in production, we would introduce significant failure risks.  The Dev and QA environments are neither for data processing nor data /application consumption and are simply stops on the way to a healthy production environment.

I appreciate your perspective on this.   

Yes, you would also need to license the Dev and/or QA environments that are used entirely for developing/testing new code (DEV) or testing of data processed on Production licensed boxes against your applications prior to pushing that data up to the production layer (QA).  This is the rule with EE, SE and/or SE1 database licensing.    There are some ‘less expensive’ options that can be negotiated, however these are not ‘standard’ options; these are customized, negotiated options.  Miro has this information for confidential discussion if you want to have a call.  Thanks.

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This was last published in August 2010

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