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License issues with Oracle Advanced Security

You mentioned that Oracle Advanced Security needs a separate license, even though it may be shipped on the media CDs. Is it available for any edition of Oracle or just Enterprise Edition, and how do I activate kerberos on an Oracle Windows client (I get advanced security on the database server but not on the client -- same media, same edition)?
Since you'll have to purchase the license, you're probably better off asking a sales rep for the particulars. I think that the options (like ASO) are licensed using the same scheme as your DB license (per processor or per named user). Once you've licensed ASO, then I think you can install and use any components of that option (including server and client components)--you haven't licensed the option for a particular platform. Even though I don't think it's really that true lately, I quit trying to keep up with Oracle's licensing policies and structures a while back when it seemed like they changed with the wind direction. Better ask the guy that will send you the quote :).

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