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Learning Oracle on a personal computer

I am guy who just graduated with a MS degree. I want to practice Oracle DBA tasks on my personal computer. I have Oracle on Linux installed. Can you tell me in detail what tasks I can do on my personal computer? There are not a lot of companies who want to hire a junior DBA. I guess I am of the view that I will practice whatever I can.

The answer is you can do anything and everything! The only restrictions you have are based on the version of Oracle you installed (Personal, Standard or Enterprise).

I think what you're really asking is what to do to learn more about Oracle. For this, I'd suggest reading some of the Oracle documentation (you can find the entire set of product documentation at technet.oracle.com). The Oracle Concepts, Oracle Reference and Oracle SQL Reference are several good places to start.

This site is also another good starting point for locating resources to help you learn more about Oracle. Check out the Books, Training and Research section as well as doing general searches for 'SQL Tutorial' and the like.

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