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Latest row for each group

I have a table with two fields, RequestID and RequestDate. I want a query to return the latest distinct RequestIDs. In the sense, if there are four records of RequestID 1 and three records of RequestID 2, I would like to get back only two records, which have the latest RequestID 1 and the latest RequestID 2.

The standard SQL approach to this problem is really quite straightforward:

select RequestID 
     , RequestDate
  from yourtable T
 where RequestDate
     = ( select max(RequestDate)
           from yourtable
          where RequestID = T.RequestID

This query uses a correlated subquery. Note the use of the T alias to correlate the rows of the subquery to the row of the outer query. In effect, correlation like this is another way to do grouping.

However, if you are using MySQL, versions prior to 4.1, the above will not work. In that case, try this:

select T1.RequestID 
     , T1.RequestDate
  from yourtable T1
  join yourtable T2
    on T1.RequestID = T2.RequestID
    by T1.RequestID 
     , T1.RequestDate
having T1.RequestDate = max(T2.RequestDate)

This query uses a self join, joining the table to itself on matching keys, and an explicit GROUP BY clause to perform the same grouping as the first query, with a HAVING clause to filter the rows of the group. Not surprisingly, it produces the same result set. (As the saying goes, "Your mileage may vary; mine doesn't.")

This query works in other databases, too, not just MySQL. I cannot comment on which query is more efficient, though, since each database's optimizer is different; however, I expect a good optimizer to produce efficient, if not identical, execution plans for both queries.

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