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LOB segment inline or out in 8i?

Scenario: My database has several tables containing BLOB/CLOB. Note that there's only one LOB per table. LOB size...

varies from 1K to 1 MB in size. Most of these LOBs are write-once read-many, with the exception of one or two tables which are RW. What's the best strategy in arranging the LOB in terms of managing space as well as access performance?

What I have done so far is to define tables with LOBs inline and let Oracle determine when to move the LOBs outside of the table when appropriate. Is this a good strategy?
Since your LOB sizes vary greatly, you might wish to move then to out-of-line storage. To help with performance, move the LOBs to their own tablespace so that you can distribute your disk activity more evenly among your disk devices. I'd move the LOBs out of line.

This was last published in October 2003

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