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Joining tables based on partial matches

We have table 1 (t1) and table 2 (t2) full of text/num strings. I need to write a query that will return all the records in t2 that have an entry in t1 leading the string. For example,

t1 has [ab01, ab02] and
t2 has [ab01234, ab02345, ab01, ab02, ac01]

I would like the query to see if there is anything in t2 that starts with anything in t1.

result [ab01234, ab02345, ab01, ab02]

It looks like your t1 table has 4-character fields. If this is the case, then try the following join --

select t2.* 
  from t1 inner join t2
    on t1.entry = substring(t2.entry,1,4)

This query performs an ordinary inner join.

If the entries in t1 are not all 4 characters in length, then you would need to use TRIM() to grab however many leftmost non-blank characters there are in the t1 field, and use LENGTH() to determine how many characters to match on the t2 field --

select t2.* 
  from t1 inner join t2
    on trim(t1.entry) 
     = substring(t2.entry,1,length(trim(t1.entry)))

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