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Java problem when installing 10g in Linux Fedora Core 1

I am trying to install database (10g) and application server (10g, too) in a Linux environment (Fedora Core 1).

Hardware details:
1. IBM AS server + 1 GB + HDD 80 GB
2. IBM AS server + 1 GB + HDD 40 GB

Database installation is OK but when I try to install repository in existing database I have problem with Java. Of course I tried to change Java version (1.3, 1.4) but the installation always breaks.

I'd like to know your opinion about some "free" OS (RH 7,8 or 9; Fedora Core 1/2, SuSE 8, 9; other?) and what is your installation experience with Oracle/Linux.

I think that running Oracle on Linux is an excellent option. Running Oracle on "free" Linux distributions like Red Hat's Fedora is a fine way to learn how to install and use the software, but will not be suitable for any production support due mainly to the lack of Oracle support on that platform. The reason that Oracle does not support Fedora as a platform is largely because of its instability (when compared to other "enterprise" distributions) and the performance enhancements that are only found in the enterprise distributions (largely because Oracle and Red Hat work on those together). As for getting the installation of the database up and running on Fedora, if you have problems, you should refer to Werner's Linux Page.

For the application server, check this article. It gives some clues about what you'll need to be successful. From other forum postings, I'd expect that you're probably missing one or more of the RPM packages that the assistant requires.


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