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Itanium's core factor affects Oracle DR licensing

One reader asks about licensing Oracle Database 11g on the company's Itanium-based HP servers, and a discussion on Oracle's processor core factor table ensues.

We want to build a DR Site with one processor HP-Itanium server using Oracle 11g Active Data Guard, so what and how many Oracle licenses will we need to procure?  Please note that our main site is a 2-node RAC 11g Database with 4 processors each.

It depends upon the model of the Itanium processor in your server. Any Itanium 93XX processors purchased in servers on or after Dec 1st 2010 utilize a core factor of 1. Any Itanium 93XX or older multi-core processors purchased before Dec. 1st 2010 utilize a core factor of 0.5. Also, note that Oracle has eliminated support of any new Oracle products on the Itanium platform, so the next version of Oracle Database will not run on an Itanium platform.

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Interesting question!

Scott is right. but I think the question seems to be more about how to license the DR environment. It seems kind of strange that your DR is 1/8 otf the size ( in terms of processors) of your prod system. Will it be able to take the load that prod is requiring, Sizing your Oracle systems is key to understand what licenses you want. Just because you have a 2 node 4 processor Prod environment, do you really need it, has the perfomance been an issue? Or is it as we often see very over sized? Is ADG is performing some kind of Log shipping, if so where would you restore the DB too?

Normally Oracle requires you to license the DR environment in the same way that you have licensed your Prod environment, with the same license metrics, there are some good Oracle documents that can be found on the Oracle web-site, as always, confirm any assumptions with your Oracle Account Manager!