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Issuing a truncate tablename

I am implementing a PeopleSoft EPM solution. The product uses Informatica, which wants to truncate a table in the SYSADM schema. I have created an ID "infoID" and granted that ID "DROP TABLE" system privileges. As long as infoID gives a fully qualified name (TRUNCATE SYSADM.tablename) it works. However, there is no way to tell Informatica it has to use a fully-qualified name. Can you tell me how to set up the infoID so that it can issue a truncate tablename without having to give a fully-qualified name.
There are a few possible solutions that come to mind. First, set up a SYNONYM that INFOID owns that points to the SYSADM table. Then, when Informatica tries to truncate the "table" it will be using the synonym that points to the correct table instead. Another solution which may or may not be possible is to create a stored procedure to truncate the table and have Informatica just execute that procedure instead of truncating the table.

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