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Is it necessary to back up the archived logs?

Is it absolutely necessary to back up the archived logs after the instance is shutdown as for a cold back up?
The archived logs do not have to be backed up, however you should back them up. If you lose the archived redo logs, then you will not be able use them to roll forward. If you are missing an archived redo log from one week ago, and you need it to roll forward, your only choice would be to perform incomplete recovery and lose a week's worth of data. For this reason, many DBAs actually backup their archived redo logs once a day. That way, the most they lose is one day's worth of data. If that is not acceptable, then you will want to backup them up even more frequently. Additionally, you can use additional archive log destinations to have ARCn automatically archive to not only your primary destination, but other destinations as well, just in case your primary destination experiences a disk failure.

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