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Is Visual FoxPro a flat database?

How about the VFP database: is it a flat database?

VFP (Visual FoxPro) is an interesting beast. The product itself has grown so far from its origin that it is hard for me to remember what it was like years ago when it truly was a "flat file" product.

Because VFP allows the definition of tables and columns in every discrete DBF file, it has the ability to be a flat file engine.

I think of VFP as a true relational database because a VFP project can support multiple tables, including relationships between those tables. Databases can even have procedures associated with them.

VFP is something of an odd-duck, in that the way the product is used will determine whether it is a true relational database or a flat file manager. Because it can and at least in my experience it usually is used as a true relational database, I consider it to be one.

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