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Is Oracle on Linux compatible with Oracle on Unix?

We have developed a product using Oracle 8i in Linux operating system and we are using VB and ASP as the frontend. Now a customer needs the same product in a Unix operating system. What are all the changes we need to do? Is a Linux-based Oracle database compatible with Unix-based Oracle database? Are there any common providers to access both Unix and Linux OS from the frontend?
Your Oracle database could care less where the application is running and it could care less which platform you are running the database on. So feel free to take your Oracle database and move it from Linux to Unix or to Windows or to an IBM OS/390 mainframe. Oracle will still process the same on those machines, for the most part. Just make sure your client application points to the new server when accessing the database. The common providers are your ODBC datasources. Oracle provides ODBC drivers for many platforms including Linux, Unix, and Windows. There are third party ODBC vendors as well.

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