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Is Oracle Streams a good tool to move data from production to a reporting environment?

My company has an Oracle 9i instance that grows at a rate of more than 9 GB a month. Would you consider Oracle Streams a viable tool to move data from production to a reporting environment?
Oracle Streams is a viable solution for you. It allows data sharing between Oracle databases and between Oracle and non-Oracle databases. Oracle Streams can be used for replication, message queuing, loading data into a data warehouse, event notification and data protection.

Oracle Streams consists of three components. The first is Capture, where data is captured from the Oracle redo logs and packaged into Logical Change Records (LCRs). The LCRs are then moved into the second component, which is the Staging environment. LCRs are stored in the Staging environment until a subscriber picks them up to be used or consumed. Finally, during in the third component, Apply, LCRs are picked up and applied to a database. You can modify LCRs before they are applied to the database.

Of course, Oracle Streams is not the only solution for this type of work. You might want to check out several other ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) tools on the market before committing to the Oracle Streams product. Other products/vendors to consider include Ascential DataStage, Ab Initio and Informatica.

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