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Is Linux certification necessary for my job in Oracle?

Expert Michael Hillenbrand discusses whether Linux certification is necessary for a job in Oracle.

I am an electronics and communication graduate and have recently completed my Oracle 9i OCP certification as well. I have been selected for a job, but there's still time before I start. I have been advised to study Linux to make the job easier. Does this make a good combination? Also, do I need to get certified in Linux as well (the Red Hat certification) or is it sufficient to be clear with just a basic one-month course?

Kindly help me out as soon as possible, and thanks in advance.

I hate to answer this way, but it depends…

Linux and Oracle would be a good combination if your primary role is going to be as a DBA. To administer Oracle on Linux, you need a basic understanding of the inter-workings of the operating system, an understanding of the file systems and commands, and some basic scripting knowledge. However, I do not think you need to go as far as getting certified in Linux unless your primary role will be as a system administrator. Start with an introductory book such as Linux for Dummies and do as much research online as you can before you start your job. If your role changes later or you wish to enhance your resume, you can always take the Red Hat certification after you are hired and have had some hands on experience.

Hope this helps.

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