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Invalid identifier error

Can anybody help me with this?: ERROR at line 5: ORA-00904: "MAXAWARDS"."ROLE": invalid identifier

Can anybody help me with this?
SQL> select f.role from filmography
  2  ,
  3  (select max(awards) as maxiawards,username from filmography
  4  group by username)maxawards
  5  where f.role=maxawards.role
  6  and filmography.awards=maxawards.maxiawards;
where f.role=maxawards.role
ERROR at line 5:
ORA-00904: "MAXAWARDS"."ROLE": invalid identifier
In your query, you are using an "inline view" to pull data and the results of this inline view are known as the table MAXAWARDS. Here is the part of your query that denotes the inline view:
(select max(awards) as maxiawards,username from filmography 
group by username)maxawardsc
Your MAXAWARDSC view only contains the MAXIAWARDS and USERNAME columns. Yet in line 5, you are looking for the ROLE column of this view. Since this column does not exist, you get the error. You'll have to include the ROLE column in the inline view.
This was last published in May 2006

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