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Integrating MySQL into Oracle

Can you tell me how I can integrate MySQL database tables (customer, inventory) into the Oracle inventory table schema?

The term "integrate" can mean many things. Do you want to move the data from MySQL into Oracle? Or do you want Oracle to be able to access the data from MySQL directly?

If you want to move the data, then dump the data as a comma delimited file, one for each table. Then use Oracle's SQL*Loader to load the data into Oracle. Or, you would write a Perl program to do a pull-push operation using DBI.

If you want to access the data directly, then you'll want to set up an Oracle Transparent Gateway to the MySQL database. Then set up an Oracle database link to the Transparent Gateway. You'll be able to query the MySQL data directly in Oracle across the database link just as if it were another Oracle database.

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This was last published in May 2003

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