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Insufficient privileges error when connecting to 9i

I installed Oracle9i in my system. When I try to connect sys as sysdba it shows Insufficiant Privileges. I set sql_net_authentication= NTS. What should I do?
If your question had a typo and you really meant to say "SQLNET.AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES=(NTS)" and you set that in sqlnet.ora, then there's only one likely cause for your problem. When you install Oracle on Windows hosts, it creates a local Windows group named ORA_DBA and puts the installer's account in that group. The members of this group are the users that are allowed to use OS authentication for the SYSDBA role.

If you made a typo in your parameter name or set it in the wrong file, then try setting the parameter like I mentioned and see if that makes a difference. If neither of those fixes helps you, then I'd probably try doing some local SQLNET tracing by using the trace_*_client parameters in the sqlnet.ora file. See the Net Reference guide for the parameters. At a minimum, you'll need to have the trace_level_client set to some value -- I'd crank it all the way up to level 16 and then review the trace file.

One last thing to check -- make sure that your environment variables are set correctly. On Oracle9i, I believe that the ORACLE_SID environment variable should be used. In previous releases on Windows, the LOCAL environment variable was the one used by Oracle when connecting locally.

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