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Insufficient privileges error ORA-01039

I frequently get an error:
ORA-01039 Insufficient privilege on underlying objects of the view

The query shown is below:
select '00.00.0000 '||banner,user,99/100 from v$version
where banner like 'Oracle%'
If you get the ORA-1039 error, then your account does not have SELECT privileges on the view or the view's underlying tables. I would first suggest that you sign on to the database with an account that does have these privileges. If your account needs to have these privileges, then the owner of the view will need to grant SELECT privileges to your account. In the case of V$ views, they are owned by SYS. And a little quirk forces SYS to grant SELECT as follows:

GRANT SELECT ON v_$version TO your_account;

Notice the underscore. This is required since the real view name has this undescore character and V$VERSION is a public synonym for this view.

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