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Installing multiple Oracle homes

An Oracle user asks what to consider when installing multiple Oracle homes.

While installing multiple Oracle homes, is it better to have a single owner for all the homes or different owners for each?

What other things should be considered while creating multiple homes?
I have always used a single user to own all Oracle software. This just makes my life easier. But there is nothing to stop you from using one user for each home. The security experts might tell you this is a more secure system. But from a management perspective, I have always made my life easier by having one user own all Oracle software on the server.

For the most part, as long as you keep each Oracle piece of software and each version in their own home directory, you really don't have to think about this too much. The only time I really give this any concern is when dealing with the Oracle Universal Installer and patching. The OUI keeps an inventory of all software that user has installed. Applying Oracle patches uses the OUI. If you always use the OUI to install software and patches, then the OUI will keep the inventory up to date. But if you do not use the OUI, there is no method of updating the inventory which can cause problems with future OUI operations. So always use the OUI for patches and installs.

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