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Installing Oracle8i on Developer6i

I have a problem when installing Oracle8i and Developer6i. First I installed Oracle8i on Win2000 Professional. Then I worked with that, created the table, inserted the rows and retrieved and dropped the table also. I feel very comfortable with that. After that I installed Developer6i Forms and connected it to the database. Then I tried to connect through working window of Forms. I got tns error. Then I went to Oracle database and was able to open SQL plus window then I got the sp1 .msb. on the Windows desktop. Can you please offer suggestions on how to rectify it?
Oracle8i and Developer6i need to run in different ORACLE_HOME directories. This is a requirement of those two pieces of software. Your ORACLE_HOME is probably set to the 8i RDBMS home directory. This is why SQL*Plus works just fine for you. But your Dev6i software runs in a different ORACLE_HOME. In the ORACLE_HOME directory is a network/admin subdirectory. In this subdirectory should be a file called TNSNAMES.ORA. You'll have to add an alias in that file to point to the 8i database even though it is on the same machine. Startup the Net Assistant that was installed with your 6i software and configure an alias. When you try to connect to the 8i database with the 6i software, you'll need the username, password and the alias you just created.

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