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Installing Oracle software on home PC for training

I am a new to the database development area. I have good Microsoft Access skills at the moment, and I want to go on to a higher DBMS. I have chosen Oracle. Can I install the Oracle software on my PC for the training? What is the cheap way? thank you for any help.

You can download a copy on-line or order a CD pack for Oracle which you can install and use for 30 days. It is an evaluation version and would allow you to experiment with the full functionality of the product. You could also buy a copy of Oracle Personal Edition for around $400. Personal Edition will not have all the advanced features you find in the Standard and Enterprise versions, but as its name implies, it is for "personal" use and should fill your needs quite nicely.

The Personal version can be installed on a workstation whereas the higher versions require a more robust OS (NT, 2000, Unix, Linux and so on).

You can find out more information on Trial Version software at the following link: http://oraclestore.oracle.com/OA_HTML/ibeCCtpSctDspRte.jsp?section=10388

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