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Installing 9iAS on Linux

I want to install Oracle 9iR2 Application server on a Linux platform. Please tell me what parameters and variables I must define, and how I can install it.

Installing 9iR2 Application Server on Linux is easy if you use a supported version of Linux and follow the install guide. Oracle supports the application server on RedHat AS/ES 2.1 and 3, SUSE Pro, and AsiaLinux. When you download the 9i install images from otn.oracle.com, uncompress and expand them with cpio you will have a set of Disks. Under Disk1 there is a docs directory with the readme html files. Open the readme and navigate to the quick install guide. This guide will walk you through setting up the OS for the installation. This includes kernel parameters, permissions, groups, packages required and versions.

You must follow each step, and ensure all the libraries and packages are there and are the right version or higher. If you skip any step, the install will fail. The key to a successful install is to follow the guide.

If you are not using a supported distribution of Linux you will need to find an install cookbook to walk you through each step. Look at http://www.oracle-base.com or http://www.puschitz.com for cookbooks on most common unsupported Linux distributions.

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