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Installing 11i appslications on Windows 2000

We are attempting to load Vision in order to see the default settings for our migration from 11.5.7. After installation, we installed and entered sysadmin on the logon page and received the message, "insufficient privileges." Do you have any suggestions? Also on our production box we are at 11.5.7 (Oracle Financials), preparing to upgrade to 11.5.10. We have been unable to find documentation, other customers migrating up, or even documentation on Metalink. One major concern we have is migrating all our production data, settings, etc. to work on 11.5.10. Must we migrate to 11.5.8, 11.5.9? Any information would be appreciated.
EBS is outside of my area of expertise, but I think the error message is pretty obvious as to what the problem is. I would review the installation logs and verify that you performed all the necessary setup steps and that the installation logs don't show any errors.

There have been many customers upgrading from 11.5.x to 11.5.10. EBS upgrades are not a one-click job and my company (TUSC) usually tackles these as major projects (depending on the size of the installation and the modules in use). I have seen many articles on Metalink regarding upgrades to 11.5.10 in the last several months since it's official release. I'd start there.

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