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Installation advice on different Linux setups

I am trying to install database (10g) and application server (10g, too) on Linux (Fedora Core 1). Hardware details:

  1. IBM AS server + 1 GB + HDD 80 GB
  2. IBM AS server + 1 GB + HDD 40 GB

Database installation is OK, but when I try to install a repository in the existing database I have a problem with Java. Of course I tried to change Java version (1.3, 1.4), but the installation always breaks. I'd like to know your opinion about some "free" operating systems (RH 7,8 or 9; Fedora Core 1/2, SuSE 8, 9; other?) and what is your installation experience with Oracle and some Linux?

I also test Oracle software on free Linux distributions. Installing on Fedora Core 1 is rather simple and there are many "cookbooks" out there with good examples. Google on "Oracle Install 10g" to find them.

Installing the metadata repository is a little more involved than it should be, but hopefully that will change in future releases. You have to first use the Oracle Application Server Repository Creation Assistant to create the repository in the existing database (9i or 10g) then install the infrastructure, placing he repository into the schema created.

I have an article on using the repository creation assistant here: http://www.dbazine.com/garmany5.shtml

Installing the Oracle database on Fedora Core 2 is much more difficult because of the move to the 2.6 kernel. I was successful after following the information in the Oracle Forums on otn.oracle.com.

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