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Install.exe won't work after failed installations

I have Windows 2000 Professional as the operating system. I have tried Oracle 9i and Oracle 10g on my machine. But in both versions, I had a problem with the Listener. I used to get the "Listener not started" error, because of which, I gave it up. Then I wanted to install Oracle 8.1.7 on my machine. But though I double click on install.exe, the setup does not start. I have deinstalled the previous version with the help of Oracle universal installer. Can you please help me with this?

The 8.1.7 error is most likely because you're running on a P4 system and the 8.1.7 installer had a bug on P4 systems. There's an easy workaround and you'll find the article easily on Metalink.

The other problems sound like you just didn't start the listener. To start the listener the first time (since I don't think Oracle creates a listener service until it is started the first time) after the installation, go to a command prompt and type "lsnrctl start" and that should then create a service in the services control panel which you can use to start/stop the listener after that point.

Good luck!

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