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Insertion speed goes down with context index

I am bulk loading data into two tables. One has a context index. Why is the insertion speed slower in that one?

I created one table ContentTable(path varchar2(255),doc_format varchar2(6),ResourceData Blob). The last column has actual text and binary data.

Case 1: I am bulk uploading in this table. My insertion speed is 100 mbps.

Case 2: I'm bulk uploading data in the same table but I have defined a Context index on the last column (defined with no sync option, not real-time indexing). The Insertion speed goes down to 15 mbps.

In both the cases, initially there is no data and I have inserted only 1GB of data.

I agree that when we define a text index then Oracle text maintains internal pending queue for all incoming inserts, but that job does not seem to be heavy. And even indexing is not going on during insertion because it is offline.

My question is why the insertion speed goes down from 100 mbps to 15 mbps by the just defined offline context index which is not running.

Thanks in advance.

When bulk loading data, it is usually best to load first and create indexes after load is complete.

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