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Inserting an Excel file into a BLOB field

I have insert a Excel file (.xls) into a BLOB field (Ooracle 9i database under NT). How can I read it with Forms 6.0? I tried the next procedure but nothing appears.

This should be done via placing an OLE Container object on your form and giving it the appropriate properties to point to your Excel file. There are some nice demos available in Forms help that should be of value for you to review.

Basically, Forms can be used to access any product (like Excel, Word, etc) by placing the OLE container object on your canvas and then setting the properties for that object to use the Microsoft Excel application class. Once this is complete, the form is able to interact with and control the spreadsheet programmatically, as well as allowing the end user to activate the OLE container and interact directly with Excel (i.e. when you double-click on the container, the application's menus and toolbars change to be Excel's menu and toolbars and you work with the spreadsheet just like you were in Excel).

It's a bit difficult to be more detailed here, but as I mentioned above, several great examples of this technique can be found by clicking on Forms Help and looking up OLE. Hope this helps!

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