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Inserting all new data at one time, not individually

I have a developer who wants to send all the data to be inserted into a table at one time rather than send individual records. He will be using VB and the database is 8.1.7.x on NT4.0. Do you have any ideas/examples of how to do this? I've looked a little into using PL/SQL tables but that seems rather complex.

In order to do a bulk insert, one will have to temporarily store the data to be inserted until the time of the bulk insert. This can be done many ways, but typically the data is temporarily stored in a file somewhere. Then, when it is time to bulk insert the data, the file is read, the contents are inserted into the table, and then the file is cleared out. There are many ways to accomplish this. One can use PL/SQL and the UTL_FILE package to open the file and insert the data. You can write a Perl routine that uses DBI to interface with the database. If the file is a text file, then you can even use Oracle's SQL*Loader utility to load the data!

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