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Increasing the size of the master database

Sybase expert Mich Talebzadeh explains how to increase the size of the master database by using free space in the master device.

We are running out of space in our master database. Can I delete records from the syslogs table or is there a way to expand the master database?

The master database has a mixed data and log on the master device, when it is created. The transaction log is the syslogs table you are referring to, as shown in the example below:

  • sp_helpdb master
  • go

    name db_size owner dbid created status
    master 100.0 MB sa 1 Jan 15, 2006 mixed log and data

    (1 row affected)


    device_fragments size usage created free kbytes
    master 52.0 MB data and log Jan 15 2006 1:53AM 36912
    master 48.0 MB data and log Jan 15 2006 1:53AM 48960

Syslogs is not a normal table. To get rid of an unwanted transaction in the master database, you can do the following:

dump transaction master with truncate_only

Alternately, you can increase the size of the master database on master device if you have free space in master device:

  1. sp_helpdevice master
  2.  go device_name physical_name description

     master /data2/lon_gen_sql_tst4/master.dat special dsync on directio off default disk physical disk 256.00 MB Free: 120.00 MB

So, in the above example, I have 120MB free on the master device. If I want to expand the master database on the master device by 10MB, I can simply do the following:

  1. alter database master on master = 10
  2. go
    Extending database by 1280 pages (10.0 megabytes) on disk master

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