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Increasing number of processes

I have Oracle 8.1.6 under Solaris 8.0. I need to increase number of processes so more user can log into the database. What other intialization parameters do I need to set in order to increase the value for processes parameter? There has to be some memory implications by increasing the value of processs.
You can increase the PROCESSES parameter in your INIT.ORA and bounce the database. The default values for SESSIONS and TRANSACTIONS are derived from this value. If you manually set these in your INIT.ORA as well, then you may have to adjust these values accordingly.

The initial effect of configuring your instance for more processes is pretty negligable on the overall memory consumption. The SGA does need a little more memory to handle these additional processes. The biggest difference will be in the working areas that these processes need in memory, defined by parameters such as SORT_AREA_SIZE and HASH_AREA_SIZE. Keep in mind that each session can consume this additional memory. So it is the database sessions that can increase your memory usage by increasing those number of sessions.

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