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Inconsistent data type error in Oracle Database 9i

A reader asks SQL expert Daniel Clamage about an inconsistent data type error he's getting on a query running in Oracle Database 9i.

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Hello. For the following code I'm running in Oracle Database 9i:

CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE Persona AS OBJECT(  ident  varchar2(9),  nombr  varchar2(30) ); create table tper(per Persona); insert into tper values(Persona('111','Lucas')); select * from tper;

I am getting the error:

ORA-00932: inconsistent data type. expected NUMBER get USUT7.PERSONA

Could you help?

I ran your DDL on an 11gR2 database:

CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE Persona as object(
ident varchar2(9), nombr varchar2(30));

create table tper(per Persona);

insert into tper values(Persona('111','Lucas'));
insert into tper values(Persona('AAA','Dan'));

select * from tper;

drop table tper;
drop type Persona;

It worked fine:

Type created.
Table created.
1 row created.
1 row created.

(111, Lucas)                                      
(AAA, Dan)                                        

2 rows selected.
Table dropped.
Type dropped.

It might be a language localization setting. My recommendation is you move from Oracle 9i to Oracle 11gR2.

This was last published in June 2012

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Upgrade to 11g IS NOT a solution.