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Importing/exporting wrapped PL/SQL procedures

We are in the process of upgrading from Oracle 8.0.5 to Oracle 9i. Forgive me if I get things wrong, but my DBAs first language is not English so I'm asking this question on his behalf given the information I have.

The problem seems to be similar to one posed one your site previously (in May 2002) but there was no clear answer.

We have some PL/SQL procedures that are wrapped. When these are exported from an Oracle 8 database the dump file will import fine into the Oracle 9i database. When the Oracle 9i database is subsequently exported, there is a problem re-importing it. The import gets to the point where it is importing the stored procedures, then the memory usage goes through the roof and eventually the machine runs out of resource. My DBA tells me the effect happens because the procedures are wrapped. He has proved this by importing the same information when they are not wrapped which is successful.

We have not been able to get information to confirm whether this is a bug, or if there is something we can change in the configuration. Any help would be appreciated.
I'm not sure if this is a bug or not. You'll have to open a TAR with Oracle Support to confirm this. I did a quick check with Oracle Support's web site and I didn't find any information.

But if I ran into this problem, I'd go back to my source code that was used to create the wrapped procedures. Hopefully your company has these documented somewhere. Just drop the procedures and recreate them, wrapped of course.

Alternatively, you can run import with SHOW=Y, FULL=Y, and LOG=filename. This will dump the DDL commands to the logfile. Open this logfile up and you can see the DDL commands to create your stored procs. Save this DDL in a script file and see what happens when you run it in SQL*Plus manually.

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