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Importing five dump files without data duplication

I have five dump files, and I have to import those five dump files into one single (Oracle8i) database without data duplication. The database structures of the five dumps are the same. Please give me the solution.

If these dump files are flat files, like comma-delimited values, then you can use SQL*Loader to accomplish your task. Create a table to load the data into. Create a Primary Key on that table to ensure that duplicate values are not loaded. Then, use SQL*Load to load each of the file's data into that table. When SQL*Loader hits a duplicate record, it will be "discarded". All discarded records will be found in the the discard file you specify in your SQL*Loader control file.

If these dump files are Oracle's export utility dump files, then I'd suggest loading each one into a separate table. You can then use simple SQL commands to insert into one master table those records which are not duplicates.

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