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Importing database from AIX server to Windows XP

I want to import a database from tape on an AIX RS 6000 server to a Windows XP machine. I also want to check what the time duration is for this import. Please give me step by step instructions.

If you have a dump file created from an Oracle export utility, then you first need to transfer the file to the Windows server. If you are using FTP to transfer the file, then make sure that you FTP in BINARY mode. I'm going to assume that you've installed the Oracle software and precreated an Oracle database on this server. The next steps are as follows:

  1. Precreate any tablespaces you will need to hold the data to be imported.
  2. If the export dump is not a FULL export of the source database, then you will need to precreate the users to hold the data.
  3. Import the data with the imp utlity:
       imp userid=system/manager file=export.dmp full=y log=imp.log

If there are errors, they will be shown in the log (imp.log). The FULL=Y parameter tells the imp utility to import the entire contents of the dump file.

The Oracle docs give much more information on the export and import utilities. You can find a copy of this documentation at the following URL:


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