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Importing data from a dump file more than one time

How can I import data (with full import option) successfully more than one time from an exported dump file, even...

if we have to overwrite tablespaces, tables and users?

You can run imports of the same dump file multiple times BUT you must make sure that if you do, you do it in such a way as to not create duplicates or attempt to "re-do" work you accomplished in a previous import. It takes a bit of planning and knowing exactly what the various parameters you use control in order to be successful.

It appears that you might find it very helpful to read the Oracle Utilities guide documentation. Trying to walk you through all the issues here would be a bit too lengthy and I think everything you need to have answered could be done by reading just the two chapters in the Utilities Guide on Export and Import. This link will take you directly to that guide in the documentation.

Please review the detail in that guide and if you have further questions, please feel free to drop me another note. If you do, please make sure to show your full export command as well as the full import command you used.

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This was last published in February 2003

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