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Importing an export file

While importing I am getting an error message:

ORA - IMP -000009 abnormal end of export file.

how can I rectify this problem?

1. Export file taken from the Oracle production server version (running on Linux OS)
2. Trying to import it in Oracle Test server version with Linux OS.

Your dump file is broken and you will not be able to use it. Typically, this error occurs when one of two things happen. One, you FTP'ed the file to another server and did not force the FTP utility to transfer the file in binary mode. If you are using a command-line FTP utility, then type "bin" and hit enter before you transfer the file. This will force the transfer to be performed in binary mode, not ASCII mode.

Two, there is a version mismatch between the utility that created the dump file and the utility that is importing the dump file. If you are importing from a lower version to a higher version database, then use the lower version database's exp utility to create the dump file. Then use the higher version database's imp utility to import the dump file.

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