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Importing an Excel file into Oracle 10g

I need to import an Excel file into Oracle 10g. How do I do it?

I need to import an Excel file into Oracle 10g. How do I do it?

With Excel, you cannot load directly into an Oracle database. One option is to save your Excel values in a comma-delimited text file, also called Comma Separated Values (CSV). Simply choose File and Save As from your Excel menus. In the Save As Type pulldown menu, choose the "CSV (Comma Delimited)" option.

Now that you have your data in a text file, you can use Oracle's SQL*Loader utility to load the data into an Oracle database. There are many options on how to use SQL*Loader, most of which are unique to specific situations. I highly recommend reading the Oracle Utilities Guide, particularly Chapters 3 through 10, which talk about how to use SQL*Loader. Chapter 10 is really nice because it gives you step-by-step examples on a number of different scenarios.

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